10 Ways That Technology Is Revamping Society

Technology dominates our lives in ways that are beyond our imagination, and technology has reinvented our society in so many ways that were hitherto inconceivable. Whether it self-driving cars or robots, smartphones or special networking, changes are happening all around us, and no one can stay immune to their influences.

  1. Self driving vehicles: According to the Guardian self-driving cars will rule the roost soon enough and this development could cut down road accidents considerably. Whether our society is willing to embrace this new technology or not remains to be seen but driverless cars will be amazing for road safety.
  2. Google Glasses: These have been game-changers in Internet technology and they are expected to have huge implications on our lives. This special type of glass will make human interactions with surroundings much more intense; you can view key information like news articles, messages, and tweets right before your eyes. You can even record anything that catches your fancy and keep it in the cloud.
  3. Fitness Trackers: These devices are revolutionary and aim to make you more fitness conscious through using your own data. These will show you things that you did not know about yourself, and you can monitor things like your heart rate, calories burned, and steps that you have walked in a day etc.
  4. Robots:  A classic example are automated trading robots, which are highly affordable and capable of making profit. As a result, people who have never traded before, can trust the system and algorithm, and still make a tons of money. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bitcoin-circuit/ to learn about a bitcoin automated trading bot.
  5. Smartphones: The change that this invention has brought about is more apparent than any other technological innovation. Smartphones keep us connected with friends, families, news  etc. Whether it is booking cabs or finding dates online, smartphones have completely revamped our society. Text messages have replaced regular phone calls, and you have access to everything in real time.
  6. Nano-filtration: This is a ground-breaking technological innovation that enables production of clean water. According to WHO reports, millions die each year from drinking unhygienic water, and this revolutionary procedure can help tackle this issue. This will eliminate virus, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and a host of pathogens.
  7. 3D Printing: This not only gives freedom to your creativity but also reinvents manufacture of goods these days. With 3D printing revolution, manufacturing is becoming far more accessible to people, with spectacular achievements in medicine. 3D printers will create objects in three dimensions, and with this, a totally new way of producing and consuming goods has come about.
  8. Touchscreen devices: This together with the availability of Wi-Fi in transportation systems underground can bring about a huge change in the way people move. For instance, subway stations in New York have touchscreen kiosks showing data about service delays and updates.
  9. IPads and mobile phones in retail: Instead of interacting with people in regular stores, now it is possible to pay for a product and leave a store without communicating with any human. For instance, the Easy Pay app allows you to buy cases, software, or chargers without talking to any person in the Apple store.
  10. Photo-sharing: There are websites like Facebook or Instagram that allow you to share images and videos with anyone online. This also means that you leave a big trail of personal information behind yourself that stays forever online.